Axial fan airfoil high efficiency

PressureMAX axial fans

PressureMAX1Multi-Wing’s new PressureMAX axial fan series is designed for radiator/engine cooling applications that require high pressure in a narrow cooling envelope. This remarkable axial fan can help your company meet the Tier 4 emissions standards and the Stage III B Standards for off highway engines, which call for stringent reductions in particulate matter and nitrogen oxide levels.

The PressureMAX creates 20 percent more static pressure than standard airfoil profiles, has virtually zero blade deflection and delivers 5-7 percent more efficiency than a standard airfoil axial fan - saving fuel and horsepower. PressureMax is tailored to fit tight installation spaces and also has a low-noise airfoil profile blade design. The high efficiency is the result of reduced turbulence across the blade surface. The PressureMAX high efficiency profile also reduces airflow turbulence across the profile, resulting in the lower noise signature.

Your benefits:

  • High efficiency axial fan - saves kW and fuel.
  • Generates up to 20 percent more static pressure than standard airfoil profiles.
  • 5 - 7 percent higher efficiency rates than standard airfoil profiles.
  • Virtually zero blade deflection and narrow axial depth for attenuated cooling envelopes.
  • Low noise signature.
  • Diameter range of 627-1295 mm (24.5-51 inches).

Multi-Wing’s research and development team conceived the PressureMAX axial fan by studying the performance of specific sections of existing blade profiles. In this way we could optimize performance to satisfy precise design criteria. We used our proprietary development methods including a mix of Flow Diagnostics, Computational Fluid Dynamics and our new technologies. We designed the PressureMAX as an engine cooling axial fan for the high heat rejection requirements resulting from Tier 4 emissions standards and Stage III B standards. By combining Multi-Wing’s in-depth research and development and our customer partnerships across multiple diesel engine cooling applications, we were able to engineer this innovative high pressure engine cooling axial fan, which is of great benefit to our customers.

Mobile applications

Our axial fans are designed to comply with TIER IV regulations in the USA and the Stage IIIB regulations in the EU. The fan blade PressureMAX is specifically designed for these regulations.

Z series axial fans

The Z Series represents the medium diameter axial fans in the Multi-Wing product line, with a range in diameters from 315 mm to 1261 mm.

Sickle profile

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