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Today, Danish company Multi-Wing International a.s is a world leader in axial fan impeller design and production. In 1938, however, things were very different. Founded by Finn Sigurd Andersen, the company began life by trading in hand tools and oil filters.  

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The invention The move into axial fan impellers happened almost by chance. In 1958 Finn had bought a new car, the ground breaking Citroën DS19.
The first time he took it to the company it naturally attracted a great deal of attention. Being an engineering company, there was particular interest in the engine, which surprisingly featured a plastic engine cooling impeller.This new development captured the imagination of Andersen’s cousin, Harald, who was intrigued by the concept of making impellers out of thermo plastic. Then came a spark of genius – he came up with the idea of producing an impeller from individual components.Harald realised that by combining relatively few components it would be possible to produce a vast number of different impellers. Not only would this make production cost effective, but also if blades failed it would allow individual blades to be changed instead of replacing the entire impeller. By constructing the hub out of aluminium and the blades out of thermo plastic, the impellers would be durable and efficient even in many hostile environments.  

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